St. Lawrence is one with nature and we can prove that to you. We offer you historic parishes and chapels to meditate, they have been around for hundreds of years. People here still find it special even we live here and get to visit them everyday. We guarantee that you’ll feel the same, too. We are surrounded with rivers and beaches you’ll surely enjoy.

Iconic Parishes and Chapels

We are proud to present you our iconic parishes and chapels. They are full of history and have great stories to offer you. Our people will tell you the old tales about these places and you will view them differently in a good way.  Visit the famous Parish Church of St. Lawrence and connect to our loving Creator.

old chapel

Rivers and Cliffs

Spend a perfect afternoon in the bodies of waters that surround us. We’ll take you to breath taking cliffs where you can see the vastness of the ocean and watch the beautiful sunset. Walk the undercliff for some exercise and dine to authentic restaurants we have lined up for you once you get hungry.

river and a broken boat

Botanic Gardens

Ventnor botanic gardens will let you experience the wonderful gardens. It is best visited in mornings when it’s slightly dewy. The flowers are blooming and at their best colors. The garden is well kept. It will make you feel as if you are in a movie. The garden also have rare flowers like Melianthus and Euphorbia mellifera.

garden and bridge