farmer's market

Daily life in the city compared with the countryside may be different. But both can be a place for a sense of community to thrive. And the neighbourhood market is one of the places where it can take root. Buying local in shops around you is not only a great way to meet and get to know the people living in the area. It is also an opportunity to create a positive impact to the community. From the corner food store to the farmer’s market, here are just some of the top reasons to shop and eat locally.

Support local businesses and entrepreneurs
The money you spend buying local help small businesses and budding entrepreneurs thrive. It can also trigger a domino-effect where independent businesses buy from other local producers and manufacturers thus keeping the money circulating within the community.

Enjoy the freshness and quality of locally-grown produce
You can expect to find fresher produce when you go shopping for food. Unlike foods that have traveled thousands of miles to get to the stores near you, local shops and farmers’ markets in your area will carry some of the freshest items you can find.

Discover the tastes of every season
One of the perks of eating locally-produced foods is that you get to know the wide range of seasonal produce you can enjoy. You can find an abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables which you can use to create hearty and delicious meals or treats.