Every country in the world have two sides: the city side and the country side.

The first is where most people live out their daily lives. This is where they do chores at home, as well as take examinations at school and present reports at work. This is where they spend time with their immediate family, as well as hang out with friends and get acquainted with colleagues. Simply put, the city side is where the hustle and bustle is – complete with honking cars in every corner of the street and shouting merchants in every side of the street.

But we’re not here to talk about the city side.

We’re here to talk about the country side.

The second is where most people live out their adventurous lives. This is where they get closer with nature, as well as bond closer with their loved ones and find out more about themselves. This is where they see places like no other, as well as do things like never before and feel things like nobody can. Simply put, the country side is where the peace and harmony is – complete with fresh air blowing on your face and warm sun shining on your body.

And more specifically, I’m talking about the country side of London – St. Lawrence in Essex.

This parish village in Essex basically represents how truly awesome the country side of London is. It may only have few access roads, but there are lots of places to go and things to do here.

Visit St. Lawrence’s pubs, The Stone and St. Lawrence Inn, and it’s like you’re having a weekend getaway in your city side home. Visit St. Lawrence’s clubs, Stone Watersports Club and Stone Sailing Club, and it’s like you’re crossing each item on your list of things to do in Licolnshire.

These and a whole lot more, you can only experience at St. Lawrence.

Visit St. Lawrence now and make your weekend getaways even more worthwhile!