friends watching the sunset

It’s A Wonderful Community

I reside in St. Lawrence for almost 5 years. And it’s been a wonderful experience to live in this beautiful residence. We are a small community but we have many advantages despite our size. The people here know each other. For some it’s a good thing and for some they rather be incognito and shut their doors. Our village is different, despite our uniqueness, we get along and have no problems living together.

You Are Welcome Here

We love visitors. We admit that sometimes we want to see new faces in our village. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place, you are welcome here. Unlike the city, our village is one with nature. We will show you the sites worth seeing here. Our village is free from clutter so your eyes can enjoy the beauty and cleanliness of our village. Though the village is small, there are happenings here. This is the usual impression city people have when thinking about the villages like ours. It’s different here. We’ll have barbecue party the country living way from time to time and also fishing contests! They’re fun and a great way to connect to the villagers here. So don’t be intimidated and feel free to visit us.