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Country Living Vs. City Living

Are you considering moving to a rural area or country? Let us provide you insights what will be the difference. Moving to a country and settle down is great if you are getting tired with the business and noise of the city. But consider these things.

Do You Like Quietness and Serenity?

Country life is more on quietness and serenity. Most city people complain that country life is so boring and so quiet and it makes them go insane. So before you move, ask yourself, do you like a peaceful place? Or you’d rather stay in the city where the energy is always pumping?

Do You Have Health Issues?

The downside of moving in a country is the distance or availability of medical care. It depends on the country, there are countries that have decent facilities available for you. It would be best to survey the area first. If you have health issues and you need regular medical assistance, we think it would be better if you stay in the city. Ask your doctor and get recommendations from them.

Cost Of Living

Country living compared to city living is cheaper. This is one of the perks you can enjoy if you move. You can save on some expenses, you just need to make a list of everything you need so you can buy them in one go. The shopping malls and groceries could be an hour drive depending on the country area you’re planning to move.

Space and Population

Most cities are overcrowded because of ecommerce and modernization. There are people who hate crowded places which give them more reason to move to a country. You can get a bigger space for the same rental expenses or even lower. Moving to a  country would be a good idea if the space means a lot to you. I personally hate crowded places which is the reason why I moved.

The Neighborhood

There are less people in the country, the chances of you knowing your neighbor better is higher. You can meet someone at the grocery store and will be willingly smile at you because they know that you belong to the same neighborhood.

It’s Up To You

We all have our reasons of why we want to move. There are many things that we need to consider before we can decide if it’s a good idea. It depends on your priorities. Country life is for people who wants to slow down and settle down while the city life is for people who wants to discover more. Whatever reasons you may have, we hope that you’ll enjoy life to the fullest.

Of Neighborhood Shops and Markets

farmer's market

Daily life in the city compared with the countryside may be different. But both can be a place for a sense of community to thrive. And the neighbourhood market is one of the places where it can take root. Buying local in shops around you is not only a great way to meet and get to know the people living in the area. It is also an opportunity to create a positive impact to the community. From the corner food store to the farmer’s market, here are just some of the top reasons to shop and eat locally.

Support local businesses and entrepreneurs
The money you spend buying local help small businesses and budding entrepreneurs thrive. It can also trigger a domino-effect where independent businesses buy from other local producers and manufacturers thus keeping the money circulating within the community.

Enjoy the freshness and quality of locally-grown produce
You can expect to find fresher produce when you go shopping for food. Unlike foods that have traveled thousands of miles to get to the stores near you, local shops and farmers’ markets in your area will carry some of the freshest items you can find.

Discover the tastes of every season
One of the perks of eating locally-produced foods is that you get to know the wide range of seasonal produce you can enjoy. You can find an abundance of in-season fruits and vegetables which you can use to create hearty and delicious meals or treats.

The Country Side Of London


Every country in the world have two sides: the city side and the country side.

The first is where most people live out their daily lives. This is where they do chores at home, as well as take examinations at school and present reports at work. This is where they spend time with their immediate family, as well as hang out with friends and get acquainted with colleagues. Simply put, the city side is where the hustle and bustle is – complete with honking cars in every corner of the street and shouting merchants in every side of the street.

But we’re not here to talk about the city side.

We’re here to talk about the country side.

The second is where most people live out their adventurous lives. This is where they get closer with nature, as well as bond closer with their loved ones and find out more about themselves. This is where they see places like no other, as well as do things like never before and feel things like nobody can. Simply put, the country side is where the peace and harmony is – complete with fresh air blowing on your face and warm sun shining on your body.

And more specifically, I’m talking about the country side of London – St. Lawrence in Essex.

This parish village in Essex basically represents how truly awesome the country side of London is. It may only have few access roads, but there are lots of places to go and things to do here.

Visit St. Lawrence’s pubs, The Stone and St. Lawrence Inn, and it’s like you’re having a weekend getaway in your city side home. Visit St. Lawrence’s clubs, Stone Watersports Club and Stone Sailing Club, and it’s like you’re crossing each item on your list of things to do in Licolnshire.

These and a whole lot more, you can only experience at St. Lawrence.

Visit St. Lawrence now and make your weekend getaways even more worthwhile!

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